Your sales is losing that you may not know
BeeIQ CRM - All-in-One customer support tool for your business
Customer management
  • Gather all customer data in your contact book with easy import and export
  • Allow agents to input and update customer profile in details with email, phone numbers, social profiles, behaviours, and business profiles for deeper insights of customers
  • Facilitate convenient custom fields for different customer personas
Tasks management
  • Streamline business work flow by assinging tasks right on your contact book
  • Keep track of business activities with smart features like task assignment, task reminder and automatic task notification
Deals management
  • Get all your opportunities in one smart overview and know which one requires your attention. BeeIQ CRM intelligently brings the deal stages to the surface for which action is due and shows the information you need to take that action.
SMS Marketing
  • Choose between pre-designed SMS templates and finish creating an awesome message with ease
  • Integrate SMS Brandname within a few clicks
  • Improve business brand awareness and credibility
Email Marketing
  • Pre-designed templates give you the much needed start for your marketing campaigns. Users can customize them as per their requirement
  • Have your customized email/SMS template sent out for a complex outbound marketing campaign in a few minutes to your target customers
  • Support private email server for a unique business email domain
Integration with Facebook Fanpage
  • Automatically save customer profile into contact book when they chat/comment on Facebook
  • Chat and reply from BeeIQ to customers' message/comments from Facebook in real-time
  • Integrate with multi Facebook acocunts into only one BeeIQ account
Call Center
  • Capable of connecting with PBX systems like Panasonic, Asterisk or Elastix
  • Make calls and receive calls from web in a few clicks
  • Log all call history for better management
  • Record all calls for better follow-up
Integration with AntBuddy
  • Automatically display with customer profile when they call/chat to your agents and allow users to add notes and assign tasks to teammates
  • Record all conversations and deals from phone, web, social channels (Facebook, Skype) to BeeIQ CRM
  • Build strong relationship with your loyal customers
Realtime, visual reports
  • Get actionable insights into customer service activities of every staff, department or whole company under particular timeline
  • Analyze customer interests and engagement patterns with visually engaging reports and graphs

Better customer service for better revenue with BeeIQ CRM